Vinyl Triple Pane Thermoflect Replacement Windows Clare

Vinyl Triple Pane Thermoflect Windows Clare

Thermaflect Windows


Our Windows Will Save You Money!

When you choose to purchase windows through Great Lakes Home Design LLC, you will always get the best that there is. This is because our business has partnered up with a group called Earthwise, that creates and distributes energy efficient products that are created to help make homeowners have more energy efficient homes. These products are excellent because they are extremely high quality and will be able to assist in lowering your energy bills and keeping your home cooler than ever before. We have excelled in this product and that is because there is no detail that has been looked past. We have combined high quality vinyl with the thermaflect glass and now have one of the best replacement window that you can buy. When you decide that you want to talk more about thermaflect windows in Saginaw, MI, call us at (989) 321-2566 and let us tell you all about it.

Manufacturing With Computer Integration

These windows here at Millennium Home Design in Clare, have been created with high tech equipment that have lean thinking production principles. We have gone through and made sure that all products are properly created and installed so that you always get the very best. Because we create these ourselves, we can now develop these vinyl windows to fit the exact measurements that you need, in the fastest time around. We put our hearts into these products and that means that by the time it reaches you, it will have been created to perfection and inspected. We can promise you that your windows will not ever touch the ground until they are ready to be sent to you and are already wrapped up for safety.

Your business is always the most important thing and that is why here at Millennium Home Design Clare we are a “customer centric” company. Here is what we offer:

  • Highest quality saw stations
  • Four point welding stations
  • Auto clean stations
  • Final assembly station and inspection
  • Washed windows to perfection
  • Wrapped to ensure protection

Our glass consists of 3 layers of silver and stainless steel in the spacing. They are dual glazed and insulated as well to ensure the level of energy efficiency that you desire. You will save money is tax benefits, annual energy savings, and savings on your A/C equipment. Give yourself the best windows around with Thermaflect windows in Clare, MI and the entire Mid-Michigan area. Just call us today at (989) 321-2566.