Decoding Popular Replacement Windows Buzzwords

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Free Estimates for Replacement Windows

The free estimate is pretty standard in the replacement windows industry. The free estimate entails a salesman coming to your home and giving you a guess on what your windows will cost — thus anestimate. An estimate is not the same as an exact quote. There are different and sometimes unforeseen variables that can impact the exact cost of your new replacement windows. The estimate gives you an idea of what to expect, but it can vary from your exact bill.

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5 Reasons Why LeBron James Would Love Triple Pane

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You’ll be pumped knowing that Window Depot’s Triple Pane is 50% more efficient than run-of-the-mill Dual Pane. It’s also roughly 30% more efficient than Energy Star dual pane. How’s that for a slam dunk?

Why Is It So Quiet In Here?

Triple Pane is so quiet, it’s eerie and confusing at first. First you’ll notice no noisy birds waking you up, no motorcycles revving their engines and no barking dogs. Just peaceful silence. Ahh, thanks Triple Pane!

Stay Healthy With Triple Pane

Who ever thought that Triple Pane windows can keep you healthy? Triple Pane reduces condensation, which can lead to mold and mildew growing inside your home. The absence of mold and mildew will help you stay healthy.

Triple Pane Beats The Heat

Whether you live in Alaska or the Caribbean, Triple Pane is effective in every climate. Your home will stay at a consistent and comfortable temperature regardless of the weather.

Triple Pane Isn’t Just For Millionaires

The best news of all is that you don’t need a salary of $19 million to enjoy triple pane windows. Our Triple Pane costs the same as competitor’s dual pane.

5 Minute Window Quotes Aren’t As Accurate As You Think

5 minute window quotes

The newest gimmick in the window industry?

You might not be saving as much time as you think.

You do the leg work.

Get our your measuring tape, and get ready for everyone’s favorite: homework.

You’ll measure your own windows and complete a printout before you call.

5 minute window quotes can’t account for structural damage.

If there’s rotting wood, you might be in for a surprise.

Your $400-per-window quote just turned into $800

5 minute window quotes leave no time for questions.

Installation concerns? Warranty details? This might have to wait until the salesman is in your home.

5 minute window quotes fall short for exploring options.

Color options? Glass configurations? You’re on your own to research your choices.

5 minute quotes just aren’t accurate.

There are too many variables for a quote in 5 minutes . . . especially over the phone. Avoid surprises. Get an accurate quote in person.

Top 4 Deceptive Claims From Replacement Window Companies

Unrealistic Warranty Terms

Sometimes it’s not so much that the warranty claims are far fetched, but more a matter of poor word choice and lack of explanation in the sales process by replacement window companies. Lifetime warranty is a common term in a window warranty contract, but what does lifetime actually mean? Here at Window Depot, we do offer a lifetime warranty, but we try our best to be clear that lifetime means (for our company) the life of your house. For other companies, it may only mean 5-10 years.

There are other replacement window companies that do offer far fetched warranties, such as the Double Lifetime. According to the Vinyl Institute, the life of a vinyl replacement window is 20-30 years. Some companies are claiming their Double Lifetime warranty is literally double the life of the proposed lifetime by the Vinyl Institute. Therefore, these windows will supposedly last 40-60 years. Even the best quality replacement windows windows are unlikely to last that long.

Always ask to see your window warranty in writing.

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Why Do Window Prices Vary So Much? Part III

Energy efficiency options, surprising to most, aren’t necessarily the biggest price indicator in the industry for window prices. With coatings, gases and multiple panes, the window prices will depend on the combination that you select.

These gases consist of Argon and Krypton. Krypton is a denser gas and slightly more expensive. The virtually invisible film on a window is known as Low-E. It reduces non-solar heat loss or gain, depending on the season.

Expect to pay roughly 10-15% more for gas and Low-E from the baseline window price.

Triple Pane is the most efficient window on the market, but it comes at a slightly higher cost than dual pane. The cost difference between dual and triple pane is about 20-25%, but frequent promotions are available.

The price information given in this series is ball park, and as you know, window prices will vary.