Window Depot Awarded “Most Efficient 2014” for Ultra Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

MostEfficient_2014MarkAny replacement window company under the sun can make big promises on quality and premium products. But, how do you know what you are getting is truly the best in the industry? With Window Depot’s most recent recognition, energy efficient replacement windows from our product line are guaranteed.
Vista Window Company, Window Depot’s manufacturing partner, was hand picked by Energy Star’s industry renowned “Most Efficient 2014” list. Many window companies strive to attain this list, but only the best are selected. When you choose new windows from Window Depot USA’s prestigious line of replacement windows, you can be confident that you’re getting ultra energy efficient replacement windows.
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Windows in Horror Movies

We’re a week into October, and that means leaves are starting to fall, the smell of autumn is in the air, and horror movie marathons are on TV almost every night. When you’re watching your favorite horror films, it’s safe to say you’re likely not thinking too much about windows. Windows are more of an “in the background” element of movies, but they can portray a more powerful statement than you’d expect. Since it’s nearing Halloween, we’re showcasing some iconic windows in horror movies. After watching this video, we bet you’ll notice windows a lot more during scary scenes.

Free Estimate: What’s in it for you

They say the best things in life are free, and we agree! The free estimate is standard in the replacement window industry, and it should be. Long ago, the estimate wasn’t always free. Can you imagine paying to hear the price of your windows, then shelling over more money for the actual product? Those days are long gone, and now the free window estimate is more popular than ever.

The free estimate is the same thought process as receiving a quote from your mechanic for maintenance or repair. If your body shop is charging you for your quote, it’s time to find a new mechanic. If you are paying for a window cost estimate, it’s time to find a new window company STAT.

Head over to corporate Window Depot’s blog for the full scoop on the Free Estimate.

5 Interesting & Innovative Window Inventions

Most people are under the impression that a window is just a window; a piece of glass that keeps the elements out of your home. On a very basic and non-scientific level, you can describe it as such. As simplistic as windows may seem, some outside-the-box thinkers have taken the function of windows beyond their every day uses. Check out these ultra-cool window inventions that’ll leave you believing that a window isn’t just a window.

Window Inventions: Solar Window Socket

window inventions

The window socket is a solar powered electrical outlet that attaches to a window. The twist is that there’s a solar panel tucked behind its suction cup. It holds solar energy for about 10 hours, which is enough time to charge your laptop, tablet or smart phone.

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